Working with different companies and different industries, Intellection knows the value of the application of analytics in the business. They use data to speak for the company in terms of problem solving and decision making. With the aide of analytics, the operations of the companies tend to function more efficiently.

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.
​- Peter Sondergaard, Gartner

Executive Advisory

Our senior advisors work with senior executives to understand their challenges and help them find opportunities where the use of analytics could be leveraged as a solution.

AIaaS - Actionable Intelligence as a Service.

is a cost-effective strategy that allows organizations to launch analytics immediately. A new generation of services, born in the cloud and driven by data science, allows any company to subscribe to analytics services that spans a broad range of disciplines from sales and marketing, fraud detection, risk management and operational efficiency.

Analytics Projects

Together with Intellection's Subject Matter Expert (SME) Associates, we build analytics projects in the areas of customer intelligence, marketing automation, single customer view, fraud analytics, anti-money laundering, credit scoring and risk and any analytics related subject matter that covers areas such as modeling, forecasting, optimization, network analysis, scenario-tuning, data mining.


Intellection offers professional analytics specialists on an interim basis to clients across industries and functional domains. Intellection can also deploy professionals to help with analytics-related statistical problems, such as advanced planning, forecasting, and optimization algorithm development and maintenance tuning. Intellection also provides expertise in data integration, data quality, data visualization, architecture and design.